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My weekly Flint Journal column is one of the recent casualties of the shrinking newspaper industry. While I work through the oft-asked question, "What's next?," please enjoy my columns that readers decided were the best of 2011.

Best of Eleven:

A column can change both writers and readers
"No one likes to say goodbye. I am no exception."
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A teacher's influence shines on
"Three decades have passed since I sat in the third row of his classroom, but I recall it like it was just a few semesters ago. He was more than an English teacher; he was a hometown hero and a dynamic force who believed in America, education, a well-written sentence and newspapers."
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Parents: "just say no" to frivolous expenses
"Today, parents can forget being nickel and dimed to death. It's the 20 dollars here and the 100 dollars there that are killing us."
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Let the rest of the world go by 
"Night fell and the mosquitoes threatened to break up the party. But before Aunt Leona announced that the mosquitoes were 'eating her alive,' the most remarkable thing happened. My aunts and uncles broke into song."
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Voices comprise life's soundtracks 
"As a writer, I need to listen to both the voices in my head and the voices of readers. Much of the time, that can be a good thing, but the internet makes it possible for the worst voices to express themselves without taking responsibility for their words."
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Working from home is pure vocational joy
"For all those who wonder what it's like to work ten feet from a sink full of dirty dishes while their dog, who just rolled in stinkweed, attempts to eat cereal scattered across the counter, here's a peek into the life of a work-from-home mom."
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